Decoding Revolutionary Correspondence

September 18, 1782, from Robert R. Livingston to Benjamin Franklin

Code/Cipher: WE008
Source: Papers of the Continental Congress, Roll 139, Page 305 (Code appears from Page 306)
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In Plaintext

Just after closing my despatches, I was favored with yours of the 25th of April and the 25th and 29th of June. The ships that brought them were so unfortunate as to be chased into the Delaware by a superior force. The Eagle was driven ashore and sunk. The papers and money were, however, happily saved, and part of the crew. But Captain la Fouche, not having been since heard of, is supposed to be taken. The other frigate has arrived safe, with all the passengers of both ships.
As I am just about to leave town for a short time, I will not touch upon the important subject mentioned in your letters, which will, on account of my absence be committed to a special committee.
I would only observe to you that the resolution in my last shows the sense of Congress on the subject of money matters
and will urge you to follow their instruction at all event. On their success depends our being able to go on if the war continues or to [settle?] down in peace if peace should come. An army is not to be got in a country distressed as ours is until we have had a little breathing spell.
You will see by the annexed resolutions that Congress have refused to accept Mr. Laurens' resignation, and that they have made some alteration in your powers.
I send the papers which contain the little news we have, and am, Sir,
with great respect and esteem
your most obedient, humble servant.
Signed, Robert R. Livingston

Verification Dump

357 <and> 495 <wil[will]> 215 <ur> 120 <G> '522 <you> 379 <to[too]> 134 <fol>
208 <low> 569 <their[there]> 583 <in[inn]> 213 <str> 543 <uc[uck,uk]> 239 <tion> 642 <at[att]> 485 <al[all]>
260 <even> 559 <T> 338 <on> 569 <their[there]> 38 <su> 55 <C> 55 <C> 42 <E> [ss] 241 <D>
539 <ep> 228 <end> [s] 280 <our> 141 <B> [e] 619 <ing> 422 <able> 379 <to[too]> 180 <go>
338 <on> 68 <if> 19 <th> '658 <war> 250 <con> 50 <li[ly,ti?]> 416 <nu> 42 <E> [s] 417 <or> 379 <to[too]>
365 <S> [settle?] 102 <down> 583 <in[inn]> 2 <peace> 68 <if> 2 <peace> 153 <sho> 392 <ul> 241 <D>
187 <com> [e] 191 <an> 272 <armi[army]> 143 <I> .206 <not> '379 <to[too]> 141 <B> '180 <go> 559 <T>
583 <in[inn]> 140 <A> 383 <country> 78 <dis> 510 <tre> 365 <S> 365 <S> 80 <ed> 140 <A> [s]
280 <our> .143 <I> .159 <until> 258 <W> '142 <have> 418 <had> 140 <A> 384 <li[ly]>
559 <T> 559 <T> 640 <L> [e] 195 <br> 30 <ea> 19 <th> '619 <ing> 525 <sp> 27 <el> [l]

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