Decoding Revolutionary Correspondence

August 9, 1782, from Robert R. Livingston to Benjamin Franklin

Code/Cipher: WE008
Source: Papers of the Continental Congress, Roll 139, Page 246 (Code appears from Page 248)
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Electronic Text of Wharton (The Libary of Congress | American Memory)
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In Plaintext

(plaintext lines omitted)
The fisheries are too important an object for you to lose sight of, and as to the back lands I do not conceive that England can seriously expect to derive any benefit from them that will be equivalent to the jealousy that the possession of them would awaken and keep alive between her and this country.
The claims of Spain are the dreams of one who sighs for what he has no title to, and which, if attained, would only add to the misery he has already hoarded. The degree of estimation in which she stands with us, you will iudge from the resolution tranmitted to Mr. Jay.
I write to him in your cipher, being No. 4 of the cipher, which Mr Morris sent you. This is also written in the same cipher. I would wish you to use that, as I have no great reliance upon the one you have written in formerly. It has passed through too many hands.

I transmit to you a bill for seventy-one thousand three hundred and eighty livres, being the amount of one quarter's salary to yourself and Messrs. Jay, Adams, Carmichael, Dana, and Dumas. No provision is made for the private secretaries or contingencies, not having been furnished with an account of them. I also send bills for the first quarter, commencing in January, so that you will on receipt of this be enabled to pay one-half year's salary to our ministers and their secretaries.
(plaintext lines omitted)

Verification Dump

19 <th> '55 <C>
146 <la> 270 <im> .606 <of> 167 <spain> 448 <ar> '19 <th> '107 <dr> 30 <ea> 476 <M> . of one
who sighs for what he has no title to, and
which if attained, would only add to the
misery he has already hoarded
19 <th> '241 <D> '355 <gr> 42 <E> '
606 <of> estimation583 <in[inn]> 573 <which> 544 <sh> '310 <st> 357 <and> .555 <wi> 19 <th>
16 <U> .522 <you> 495 <wil[will]> 625 <iu> 241 <D> 120 <G> '467 <from> 19 <th> '73 <R> '601 <so> 62 <lu>
239 <tion> 53 <tran> .265 <mi[my]> 559 <T> [t] 80 <ed> 379 <to[too]> Mr Jay. I write to
him in your Cypher being No. 4 of the Cypher ...

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